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  • Hey everyone, 

    As you can see I've made a brand new website(yet again). 

    What am I up to now? Well I took a short break from game development, started working on this new site, started a podcast/web series, so alone with game development I will also be doing weekly podcasts(first episode can be found here) and frequently I'll be streaming gameplay, and releasing streams on youtube! So get ready because I have a lot of content coming your way! 

    I'll have more features up on the site soon. But for now just check it out also feel free to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter!


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  • The End is Nigh Updates
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    The End is Nigh Updates

    Hey everyone,

     I haven't been updating The End is Nigh recently. I apologize, but if you haven't noticed by now the kickstarter has failed. No worries though! I will continue to work on this project. I took a short break, re-did the website, started a web series and podcast series and now I am starting to have some time to develop again. I will have updates on this game soon! 



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